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  • You have exclusive use of the storage area.
  • Storage areas are locked, and we don’t have access to the unit.
  • The storage facilities area is in a safe location.
  • Access to each individual storage area is ground level.
  • Transfer of goods into and out of the storage area is done by the customers themselves and without the use of lifts or hoists.
  • Caretaker resides on the property & is available 24/7 with prior notification.
  • Complex is fenced and or walled with a electric fence, Infra-Red perimeter beams, dogs and armed reaction.

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Secure Self Storage in Vaalpark - Aureus Self Storage

If you’re looking for a secure storage facility to store your goods in Vaalpark, Aureus Self Storage is the company for you. Aureus Self Storage is a trusted storage facility in the Vaal Triangle, providing safe storage space for our clients that meet their storage needs.

Whether you are looking for storage space for a few household goods, documents or even a boat, Aureus Self Storage can assist. Contact us today for your self storage needs in Vaalpark, so that you can have peace of mind that your goods are stored safely until you need it. Read more about our secure self storage facilities below, or speak to us to get the information you require.

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Storage Units prices and sizes (Vat Included)
Small Unit 3 x 3 m2R 600.00
Single Unit 3 x 6 m2R 960.00
Large Door 3 x 6 m2R 1150.00
Double Garage 6 x 6 m2R 1900.00
ContainersR 960.00
Caravan ShadeportR600.00
*prices may vary between regions*
Small Workshop (Vat excluded)
110 m2R 6500.00
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About Aureus Self Storage facilities - Self storage in Vaalpark

Aureus Self Storage offers a reliable and professional storage service for clients in / around Vaalpark. Here's why you should make use of Aureus Self Storage to store your goods:

  • Secure storage units: Only you will have access to your storage unit, and storage units are locked with their own padlocks.
  • Different sizes: Storage facilities are available in different sizes and price ranges, to meet the different needs and budgets of our clients.
  • Location / area: Aureus Self Storage facilities are located in a safe area in the Vaal Triangle, and is easily accessible for clients from Vaalpark.
  • Ground level storage: Access to each individual storage area is ground level. Storage units are thus easily accessible by the customers for transportation of goods, and no forklifts or hoists are required.
  • Security measures: Essential security measures are in place to ensure that our clients' good are stored safely at all times. The storage facility is fenced and / or walled with the following security features: electric fencing, Infra-Red perimeter beams, dogs and armed response.
  • Supervision: Another benefit is that the caretaker resides on the property and is available 24hours a day (with prior notification). This give clients peace of mind that their goods are being supervised, and can be accessed when required.

Contact Aureus Self Storage for Self Storage in Vaalpark

Rent a self storage unit in Vaalpark / Vaal Triangle with Aureus Self Storage today at a price that fits your budget. Our professional team will provide you with all the information you require, and manage the booking promptly and efficiently. Move your goods into storage as soon as possible, so that you can have peace of mind that your goods are stored safely. Make use of the leading self storage in Vaalpark, Aureus Self Storage - Your goods will be stored safely in a clean and secure storage unit, until you need it. Aureus Self Storage is located n the following areas:


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